James Guy

1h 18min   |   EPISODE 14

In this episode we interview James Guy, with 80 years on planet earth and starting his journey side by side with Timothy Leary and Ram Dass, he shares his life experience on his journey and details his latest book.

Although 500 microgram session of LSD triggered 20 years worth of bliss (kundalini) episodes, it was before that healing, and for the year right after the LSD, that I suffered a traumatic GODHOOD or EGOHOOD dilemma---a trauma more common than today's Psychedelic Renaissance might admit. But that is all good news, because it informed me over that 20 years (and many more after) and right up to the publication of this book, with a revolutionary phenomenology or first-person account of why it is important to evolutionarily repurpose mind. www.thenakedguruexperience.com SUPPORT US & JOIN OUR TEAM AT PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/thenakedguruexperiencepodcast

Towards Repurposing Mind
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